Glee Online All Year Round!

Glee Online All Year Round!

22 June 2021

Glee Online has been set up for anyone who loves to sing! During this unprecedented time, we have looked for ways to stay connected and running online via Zoom over the last year has been a wonderful success, what would we have done without it? 

 There are some great advantages to being able to join a choir from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world. Plus we love getting to know your family, your cats, dogs and any other visitors in your household. Members of our clubs have really bonded online during this pandemic as you get to know everyone in your choir really well and you can join from anywhere you fancy.  We will be creating a new Glee Online community.

Now we are hearing your voices in real life, albeit outdoors, we can also hear that the detailed teaching of songs online has been taken on board really well! I know... how shocking is that?


Longer Glee terms  

Where our in-person choirs run for three, ten week terms a year, Glee Online will run for more than 42 weeks a year and will continue to run over the very long summer break so your Glee fix can continue all year round.

When life returns to some sort of "normal" which hopefully it will, we are planning for Glee Online to meet for live weekend singing workshops including guest leaders and performances so watch this space for further details. Exciting times ahead!