1. Glee Club UK® aims to provide a fun and friendly environment for its members. Attendees are asked to respect this aim and to act in a suitably positive manner during sessions and performance events. We are about the community and lean enthusiastically towards the “inclusive” and smiley side of things. Please be nice!
  2. As a registered member of Glee Club UK® you are entitled to own and wear the Glee Club UK® T-shirt and will have access to the members’ area on the website. Here you can view, listen to or download arrangements, rehearsal tracks and video materials. If you've not been for a while, your account will be become inactive. Upon your return or by request, it will be reactivated and you will once again have full access to the members' area and associated privileges.
  3. Glee Club UK® is open to everyone, 18 years and over, provided that they can and are prepared to take an active part in proceedings.
  4. It is agreed that you will respond nicely to the requests and leadership of the choir leaders and their assistants. Negative or disruptive behaviour is bound to spoil the fun for others and it hinders both the learning of the songs and the general flow of a session.
  5. Casual visitors are permitted to attend one free session without pressure to register, but are not permitted to take musical arrangements away from sessions. If you join after your first session, registration as a member is required to continue participating in Glee Club UK® sessions and full termly fees are due.
  6. As a registered member you are encouraged to promote the reputation of Glee Club UK® in a positive manner. Please have honest things to say about your experience. If you have a worry or gripe of any kind, we would like to be the first ones to hear about it and, if at all possible, work with you to fix it and make amends.
  7. Photographs, video footage and audio recordings may be made at sessions or performance events and include any or all of those persons in attendance. Such material may be used for marketing or advertising purposes in relation to Glee Club UK.


The musical and vocal arrangements and all related rehearsal materials are owned by Glee Club UK® Limited and are protected by international copyright law. The use of said resources is restricted to Glee Club UK® activities. None of these resources or materials are to copied, altered or used in any way at any event not involving Glee Club UK® and are not to be passed on to other groups or societies outside of Glee Club UK®. All marks indicated on our website are trademarks of Glee Club UK® Limited. Said trademarks are not to be used in connection with any other business or service in any manner that is likely to cause confusion, or in any manner discredits or disparages Glee Club UK®.


  1. Sessions are run weekly in terms, loosely corresponding to the local authority school terms. Session dates are generally posted in advance on your particular club notice board on the website. Glee Club UK reserves the right to alter dates at short notice.
  2. Sessions last for ninety minutes.
  3. Your one time £18 joining fee includes a free Glee Club UK T-shirt and access to the members area of the GCUK website. If you return to Glee after a period of absence, you will remain a Glee Club UK member and will not need to pay the membership fee again.
  4. Members pay in advance and subscribe for a whole term at a cost of £100. This entitles you to attend every available session at any club for that term (min.10 weeks). This £100 can also be spread over the four month period containing that term, paid by standing order at £25. You agree to honour this standing order until the end of the four month period containing the term, even when the fourth month starts after the term ends. Thus this is solely a way of spreading the cost of the term's fees rather than being a monthly subscription. Anyone joining part way through a term will be liable to pay for the remaining weeks of that term including the taster session at the rate of £10 per week, to be paid in one go. Choir is a termly commitment and you have the option to cancel your membership at the end of each term.
  5. After a period of non-attendance, usually a term, unless you have a current standing order in place, access to the members' area will be stopped. Not to be taken personally, this measure keeps our registers nice and tidy with only current attendees on them and is an encouragement for you to come back to Glee Club UK to re-activate your account, allowing you continued access to great music.
  6. There can be no refunds of the joining fee and membership is non-transferable between people.
  7. Choir is a termly commitment with with no refunds given unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any refunds are at the sole discretion of Glee Club UK and will depend on circumstances. During periods of paid absence, you will continue to have access to musical resources and be kept up to date via the members area of the website and your choir leader.
  8. Should your club close for whatever reason, your membership will be transferred to another Glee Club UK branch.


Glee Club UK® are not responsible for damage to persons or personal belongings whilst attending sessions or performance events and activities.


  1. Personal information is held by us at Glee Club UK® solely for our own use. 
  2. We will not share your data with any third parties for marketing purposes without your consent.
  3. We share data with relevant third parties used to provide the necessary services as part of your membership, for example, with your choir leaders, administration staff or our website provider.
  4. Attendance and payment records are stored legally for seven years as an essential part of our financial records.
  5. Glee Club UK do not have access to, or store, your bank or credit card details. This information is held directly with our payment providers PayPal or GoCardless.
  6. Data security always has been and always will be a top priority of Glee Club UK.
  7. We collect your data most commonly when you create an online account to become a member of Glee Club UK.
  8. You can access your membership account at any time to update your personal information.
  9. Your personal data is held to ensure your membership account is kept valid and available for your lifetime membership.


Glee Club UK® reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.


Email admin@gleeclubuk.co.uk or call 07549 300070.

Glee Club UK® Limited is a company registered in England, no. 7253126.

VAT registration number 422 8157 08

Glee Club UK® is a registered trademark