First time back singing together in person.

First time back singing together in person.

29 September 2020

The tears flowed and the smiles beamed as we got to have our first live singing session together in person in 6-months.

After several weeks planning how, we would be able to sing in person again and with the risk assessments completed the hard work began.
We measured and marked out each singing space zone with our football cones and together with some new covid friendly practices we were all set up.

It was very emotional as everyone arrived and just reaffirmed how much singing together in person meant to us all. 

Di, Di and Leslie demonstrated in a fun way the new social distance and covid practices, that we all needed to follow and their enthusiasm and acting skills were overflowing, it really did make us giggle.


Finally, we were ready and the singing commenced and it was absolutely fantastic. It definitely made us all smile and with our spirits lifted and a spring in our step, our first live singing session was completed and we can not wait for our next one.

Welcome back everyone!