Staying Connected

Staying Connected

01 August 2020
Here at Glee, we are still very much a community choir and although the pandemic has meant that our face to face sessions have had to be postponed, we have been running our sessions online via video conferencing, this has proved to be very popular and has really helped us all stay connected through this difficult time.

As well as our weekly choir sessions we have loved putting together a virtual performance that had over 137 different singers, it was amazing. You can read all about this and hear it on our earlier news article.

We understand the importance of keeping socially connected for our mental and physical health and although we are not able to have that physical contact, knowing that we are in this together goes a long way to helping us navigate the situation.

Our choirs have now finished for the summer term, but our connections still continue. We are really pleased to be running a Glee session every Wednesday throughout August as well as some online tutorials for all our members.

We have had quiz nights, some even in funny hats and plenty of social online get-togethers, all bringing us closer and helping us all to engage in the new “normal”.

With many more connections organised for the summer and team Glee are working really hard to make sure that we can all engage together.

One of the lovely unexpected things to come out of lockdown is that we have seen how our virtual choir sessions and performance have helped all our choir members bond and get to know each other really well.

So, here’s to staying connected during the coming few weeks and we are looking forward to the start of the new term and singing together really soon.