Virtual Choir is a zooming success.

Virtual Choir is a zooming success.

19 June 2020


There are so many benefits to singing in a choir both to our physical and mental health. So when  lockdown began we worked really hard to find ways to continue with our Glee clubs.

Since mid-march we have been running our virtual choir sessions on zoom and we are so pleased at the response from all of our members.  

 " Made me very happy!!"

" it was so much fun. Lovely to see you all"

" What brilliant fun this evening ! So lovely to see and hear everyone"

" Was great fun, went to quickly"

" It was bonkers fun last night - just perfect"

" Lovely to see and chat with everyone and of course to sing!"

" I love my choir. Just the lift I need on Thursday nights"

"I'm loving my zoom Glee sessions, it's not the same as actually having the sound of people singing around you but we can see each other and, hopefully, when we can be together we should be able to sing up a storm!"

These are just some of many lovely thoughts from our Glee Club members.   

All our choir leaders are working really hard to keep the sessions fun whilst focusing on each of the songs. With the song lists, recordings,  dedicated sessions for different parts and breaks for our usual social catch up means that the virtual choirs have been going extremely well. 

We know that when we are all able to reunite in the same room, we will be stronger and sounding amazing!