Daily allowance of music anyone?

Daily allowance of music anyone?

24 February 2020

We recently read about some new research that proves that music can provide a therapeutic effect and really does influence how we feel.

It has always been known that music is great for our health and can reduce stress, anxiety and give your lungs a great workout. 

However, this study looked at if music could be prescribed to help with specific mood states. 7,581 people participated and they found that 89% believed that music was essential for their health and well-being. 

The study found that it took 9-minutes of music to make you feel happy, 13-minutes to help you relax, 13-minutes to focus and 13-minutes to release sadness. 


 So , it’s been confirmed, we need to a daily allowance of music…………… Yay!

The study was completed by BAST (The British Academy of Sound Therapy) and you can read the full details of the findings on this link